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Does anyone care?. 2022

Acrylic on canvas. 120 * 100 cm

Inspired by the Cranberries’ song “Ode To My Family, 1994“. 

I felt sadness thinking no one would care if I told my story. I asked myself - Does anyone care? Does it even matter if they do? I don’t really know the answers. I don’t think I care anymore.

The texts are handwritten in Hebrew.


This painting was exhibited in:

Artistonish Magazine's April 22 issue (page 52)

Group exhibition Childhood as Disillusionment, Jaffa, Israel, July 2022

Online group exhibition Women (only) BROUHAHA Hong Kong, June 2022

Group exhibition Face of the inside, Geula Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, Sep. 2022

Solo Online​ exhibition, BROUHAHA Hong Kong, Sep. 2022

Online group exhibition Blue at, Dec. 2022

Online group exhibition Memory and Identity at, Dec.2022

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